St. John Rental Cars

Since many of the most scenic routes on the island are along dirt tracks, it is advisable to rent a four-wheel-drive vehicle on St. John.  You’ll find that the rental agencies come to you, with representatives awaiting your arrival at the ferry dock.  We strongly recommend you make a reservation ahead of time if you are visiting during high season.  Rates range from about $60 to $90 per day, depending on your vehicle and how long you are renting it for.  You must possess a valid driver’s license and be 25 or older.  And please be aware -- in St. John you’ll be driving British-style, on the left-hand side of the road.

List of car rental places on St. John (for the most part, they are all in Cruz Bay, close to the ferry dock):

  1. Best Car Rental +1-340-693-8177
  2. Aqua Blu car rental , +1(340) 776-2782 OR 690-6507
  3. St. John car rental , +1(340) 776-6103
  4. Bougainvillea Leasing LTD,  Amore Center, Cruz Bay.  +1-800-253-7107 / +1-340-776-6420
  5. C & C Car Rental, +1-340-690 2184 (or 693-8177)
  6. Varlack Car Rental , +1-340-776-6412
  7. L&L Jeep Rental, Inc, +1-340-776-1120 OR 690-4281
  8. Conrad Sutton Jeep and Car Rental, +1-340-776-6479
  9. Cool Breeze Jeep & Car Rental, +1-340-776-6588
  10. Spencer's Jeep Rental, +1-340-693-8784
  11. Courtesy Car & Jeep Rental, +1-340-776-6650
  12. Delbert Hill's Jeep Rental, +1-340-776-6637
  13. Denzil Clyne Car Rental, +1-340-776-6715
  14. Hospitality Car & Jeep Rentals, +1-340-693-9160
  15. O'Connor Jeep Rental, +1-340-776-6343
  16. Paris Car Rental, +1-340-776-6171
  17. Penn's Jeep Rental, +1-340-776-6530
  18. Varlack Ventures Car Rental, +1-340-776-6412
  19. Sunshine Jeep Rental, +1-340-
  20. Beach Scooters, Lumberyard, Cruz Bay.  +1-340-693-7368



You may also be able to rent from some St. Thomas agencies and bring a car over on the barge (there usually one or two car ferries every hour).  Some of the agencies willing to rent on St. Thomas for St. John travellers:

  1. Amalie Car Rental, +1-340-774-0688 (in case of problems, provide 24hr service on St. John)
  2. Dependable, +1-800-522-3076 / +1-340-774-2253 (family owned; gets good reviews)
  3. Budget, +1-800-626-4516 / +1-340-776-5774 (some people have said they impose a $50 service charge if you need assistance on St. John)
  4. Discount Car Rental, +1-877-478-2833 / +1-340-776-4858
  5. Thrifty, +1-340-776-1500 (at airport - check to make sure they will allow you to take the car to St. John)

Other Modes of Transport

  1. The Vitran Public Bus System runs approx. once an hour from the Cruz Bay Ferry dock, along Centerline Road, through to Coral Bay, and then on to Salt Pond. Buses leave the Cruz Bay ferry dock at 6am, 7am and then 25 mins past each hour until 7:25pm. Returning buses from Salt Pod leave at 5am, 6am, 7am, 8am, and then 10 mins past each hour until 8:10pm. Fare is $1 per person & 55 cents for Senior Citizens. Note that the bus system isn't the most reliable, and they sometimes skip scheduled runs. However, if you have plenty of time on your hands, it's a good way to go. For more info click here
  2. Taxis are plentiful on St. John, and are always waiting at the Cruz Bay ferry dock as well as some key beaches like Trunk and Cinnamon. They can be flagged down on the streets & the North Shore road (where the main beaches are). Taxi rates are fixed, and the latest updated table is here.