Getting to St. John

St. John doesn’t have an airport, so most travelers fly to St. Thomas (just two miles from St. John by water) and take a ferry over from one of two ports.  From the St. Thomas airport, a 15-minute taxi ride takes you to the ferry dock in downtown Charlotte Amalie, for a 45-minute ferry ride to St. John.  Or, a 45-minute taxi ride will take you to Red Hook, for a 20-minute ferry ride over.  The ferry from Charlotte Amalie runs every two hours (9:00am - 5:30), while the Red Hook ferry departs hourly (6:00 am to 12 midnight).
While the ferries are usually punctual, be prepared to take a deep breath, relax, and enjoy the slower pace of “island time.”  The ferry is part of island culture, so why not take a seat outside and enjoy the ocean spray?  Just don’t forget your sunscreen!
Many of the taxis are open-air in trolley style, so sit back and take in the spectacular views as you make your way along the curves of the one main road.  To cut back on traffic and avoid wasting time on return journeys, you'll find most taxi drivers will wait until their cab is full before departing.

Cyril E King AirportSt Thomas’ modern facility (with two bare-bones restaurants, a shop and ATM), are served by flights from (and via) Puerto Rico, as well as several cities in the continental US:

  1. American Airlines MiamiNew York, San Juan
  2. United/Continental AirlinesCharlotte, Chicago, Houston, Newark, San Juan
  3. Delta AirlinesAtlantaNew York
  4. Northwest Airlines Detroit, San Juan
  5. Spirit AirlinesFort Lauderdale
  6. US AirwaysCharlotte

The following airlines fly to/from the USVIs from within the Caribbean:

  1. Air SunshineSan Juan
  2. Cape AirSan Juan
  3. LiatAntigua
  4. Seaborne Airlines St Thomas / St. Croix