Villa Info

With the majority of St. John a national park and many restrictions on island construction - St. John real estate comes at a premium.  Small cottages can be purchased starting at approx. $300,000, but that won't get you much.  Villas can range over $10,000,000 for the most expensive options.

Condominiums start around $400,000 and can top $1,000,000 easily. There are a quite a few condominium options in and around Cruz Bay (the main town on St. John).  Undeveloped land starts at around $50,000 for a quarter acre.  Note that the cost to build on the island is generally much higher than what you would pay on the mainland.

Properties on the North Shore of the island tend to be the most expensive because of proximity to the best beaches.  Also, the far side of the island (Coral Bay) tends to be more affordable than the side where the St. Thomas ferry docks (Cruz Bay).

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