National Park


The Virgin Islands National Park on St. John is well developed which makes exploring the historical sites, beaches and trails easy and rewarding.  The top points of interest are Trunk Bay, Cinnamon Bay, Cinnamon Bay Plantation ruins and Annaberg Plantation.  These are just four of the dozens of beautiful areas you can explore.  You can enjoy the National Park by boat, camping, fishing, kayaking, nature walks, hiking, scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming and bird watching.  In 2001, the Virgin Islands Coral Reef National Monument was established from 12,708 acres of federally owned submerged lands off the island of St. John.  This area, administered by the National Park Service, protects coral reef and mangrove habitat crucial for the biological diversity of the entire Caribbean.  The Virgin Islands National Park emcompasses underwater areas that teem with marine life, goregeous white sand beaches and acres of lush green forests.  The land and sea are not the only treasures in the park; there are also historical treasures including Pre-Columbian Ameriindian settlements, Danish colonial sugar plantation ruins, forts and a marine railway.


National parks


The United States of America purchased the Danish West Indies, now called the United States Virgin Islands, from Denmark in 1917.